Main objective of the Hezârfen Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute is to contribute bringing up human power that is appropriate for the needs of developing science and technology, developing international knowledge, sophisticated, using scientific knowledge creatively and having secular and democratic values in addition to respecting nation benefit.

The Journal of Aeronautics and Space Technologies is published as an international refereed journal that consists of scientific and academic knowledge in January and July biannually by Hezârfen Aeronautics and Space Technologies Institute.


* To bring academics, students and practitioners in the field of aeronautics and space technologies and sub-branches of the main issues together and promote scientific publications,

* To contribute to the Academics, faculty and students with their scientific development,

* To share the knowledge of the experts in the field of Aviation and Space Technologies and ensure opening utilized by a wider audience,

* To earn a respectable place broadcasting in the field of scientific and academic journals.

The Journal of Aeronautics and Space Technologies has been included in the below specified Databases:

* TUBITAK ULAKBIM National Science and Engineering Database - journal list link 
* EBSCOhost Database - journal list link
* Springer Global Science Journals -  journal list link
* Arastirmax Scientific Publication Index - journal list link
* Google Scholar Index - journal list link


The main and sub-areas in which can be considered in the context of the aviation and space technologies can be specified as follows :

* Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

- Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
- Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
- Flight Control
- Aircraft - Aerospace Structures and Materials
- Construction and Manufacturing
- Space Systems
- Satellite Technology

* Electronic Engineering
- Signal and Image Processing
- Remote Sensing
- Wavelet
- Artificial Neural Networks
- Robotics
- Electromagnetic Modelling
- Microwave and Radar Schemes
- Antennas and Propagation

* Computer Engineering
- Modeling and Simulation
- Object Oriented Programming
- Database Systems
- Algorithms and Applications
- Distributed and Parallel Systems
- Computer Networks
- Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems

* Industrial Engineering
- Operational Research
- Modeling and Simulation
- Engineering Management
- Production Planning and Control
- Supply Chain Management
- Project Management
- Defense Technology

The articles can be written not only in the above mentioned fields but also in all related engineering areas.